RFD Inshore Kit

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Flares are an integral part of boating safety equipment.

The RFD Inshore Kit comes with 2 red hand flares and 2 orange smoke flares operated by a simple pull cord firing mechanism. This set of inshore flares comes in a polyethylene box to protect them from moisture and keep them in working order.

Marine activity is an integral part of Australian life. There a few things more enjoyable than a fishing or boating trip in good company. However, the water can be a dangerous place and it is vital that you have the necessary safety equipment to ensure the safety of you and your crew. If you want to keep your crew safe, you need the RFD Inshore Kit.


  • Simple pull cord firing mechanism
  • Contains 2 red hand flares and 2 orange smoke flares
  • Includes polyethylene bag to protect from moisture
  • Red hand flares for day/night use
  • Orange smoke signal for day use
  • Smoke visible for 60 seconds
  • Check your local state regulations for flare requirements
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